Children's Oral Health Exams

Why We Perform Dental Health Exams

Prevention is the key to a healthy smile! Through oral health exams, our pediatric dentists located in Fairfax and Herndon can take a closer look at your child’s smile to get ahead of potential dental issues and discuss the significance of practicing daily oral hygiene. Our expert dental professionals will work with your child to learn how to brush and floss properly and discover the importance of taking care of your smile and your healthy diet!

What to Expect in Your Child’s Exam 

When your child comes in for their appointment, our dental professionals will perform the cleaning and exam using various tools and instruments designed to keep smiles healthy. Our team uses these appointments as a time for discovery and education, so they demonstrate the purpose and role of each instrument used during the exam. Our dental professionals work with your child to create a positive learning experience each time they visit our office.

During an oral health exam, our dental professionals will examine your child’s needs and their jaw and oral tissues, diagnose any potential dental issues, evaluate the growth and development of primary and erupting adult teeth, and take dental x-rays if necessary. Your child’s dentist may also recommend any additional treatment options, such as sealants or fluoride treatment, or discuss any follow-up treatment needed.

Our team will finish out the appointment by having your child pick out a prize to take home. This is a simple way to reward your child for their bravery and welcome them to the Dentistry for Children Virginia family!

When is it Time for a First Oral Health Exam?

Our dentists recommended bringing your child in for an exam as soon as their first tooth erupts, and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends establishing a pediatric dental home by your child’s first birthday. Starting regular oral exams at a young age helps set your child up for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

FAQs about Children’s Oral Exams

At What Age Should I Bring My Child in for His or Her First Oral Exam?

Our dentists follow the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry guidelines which recommend scheduling an initial exam after your baby’s first tooth erupts or by your child’s first birthday.

How Can I Get My Child Ready for His or Her Dental Visit?

To help your child get ready and feel comfortable at the dentist, schedule an appointment during a time when they are well-rested and most likely to be cooperative during the exam. Discuss with your child how the dentist will use special tools designed to keep their smile healthy. Encourage your child by speaking positively about the visit and avoid sharing negative words or experiences.

How Often Should I Bring My Child in for Dental Cleanings?

At Dentistry for Children Virginia, our dentists recommend routine cleanings every 6 months. Regular dental cleanings are important for prevention of tooth decay and cavities, as well as preserving a healthy smile. Through an oral health exam, your child’s dentist will let you know the best appointment schedule for your child based on their unique dental needs.


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